About Us

Chef Daddy brands is a small family owned business based in Astoria, Oregon. U.S.A  Our sea salt blends were created by chefs to be used by cooks of all skill levels. Following is a list of our team members:

Anaise Rose Holen.  Primary occupation: 9th grader. The true inspiration behind our products, and has a hard time eating foods that haven't been seasoned with Chef Daddy.  Very smart girl! Ana has been hand making very fashionable masks these days and says..."We need to be wearing them, so we might as well look good doing it".

Linda Huff.  Primary occupation: grandmother to Ana and expert candy crush player.  Linda has been hand packing our product for years now, and her suggestion for getting more help is being seriously considered.

Jennifer Holen.  Primary occupation: restaurateur/bookkeeper.  Jennifer's primary job with Chef Daddy is keeping the real Chef Daddy in line.

Chef Chris Holen.  (AKA Chef Daddy.) Chef Daddy is a restaurateur and the Executive Chef of the Baked Alaska dining room, pizzeria and bar, located on the Columbia River waterfront in Astoria, Oregon.  Chef Daddy's primary responsibilities are product development, graphic design and marketing.  His crazy ideas are many and launching chefdaddybrands.com is one of the few to come to fruition.