Cooking healthy with teenagers-week 1

I have been teaching culinary arts at a local high school since the beginning of the school year and we just started a new term. This was my first go around and went in without much of a plan, primarily to figure how the types of things that the kids wanted to learn but also to figure out the best approach to teaching them.  I just started a new term and have many returning students but also a number of new ones.  In the first week I introduced them to some unfamiliar items most of which are whole grains, stand by to find out the wonderful things that happened next after working with some of these foods.


  • David Ferguson

    Chris, Connie and I visited you while on a Princess Cruise last September and were quite impressed with the way you showed us how to cook a wild Salmon.
    With that in mind, I know you do a great job with the kids and I would love to be in your class

  • Gloria Strait

    I am so impressed, Chris. It used to be “Home Ec” …. and we made oatmeal. Kids really do need to learn to cook for themselves.

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