We're sampling Chef Daddy today with some beautiful golden and green zucchini.  As usual, lightly roasted with a little bit of olive oil and Chef Daddy savory blend.  Remember 350 degrees for about ten minutes, you don't want to over roast it. Try to keep that great crunch. Cool it down immediately. Make a salad out of it by adding some nice tomatoes and perhaps some cheese curd or something like that.  Maybe spike it with a splash of balsamic.  Also sampling today, our smokey blend sprinkled on fresh cooked potato chips.  Hope you're enjoying the Fourth of July weekend.

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  • Barbara Jury

    My friend and I were recently on a cruise with Holland America and had the pleasure of an excursion to participate in "A Taste of Oregon, Seafood & Wine. Your most delicious baked salmon with an equally delicious wonderful hollandaise sauce was served. I made some notes, but unfortunately misplaced them. I did buy a couple of your seasoned salt gift packs, and would love to bake some salmon with the seasoning. However, I was wondering if you could send me the recipe of how you did the salmon & sauce. I know you are busy with your restaurant, but would so appreciate your time. I would love to take this trip again sometime, and will definitely sign up for this excursion.

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