enhancing your vegetable's flavor

We've been at the Astoria, Oregon Sunday market for the past four weeks and we are sampling our seasoning salts using available vegetables.  A lot of folks are wondering why the asparagus is so good.  Let us explain...First of all, we're using in season vegetables ie; asparagus right now.  Here's the trick, set your oven to 350 degrees.  Break the end of the asparagus off, it will generally snap in the right spot, lightly toss in olive and season with Chef Daddy savory blend.  Place it on a sheet tray and put it in your oven.  Cook the asparagus until it is bright green, then remove from the oven and put in your refrigerator. Cooling it immediately will stop the cooking process.  Now, the last thing you need to do is eat it.  Enjoy this, think about other vegetables and their wonderful colors.  Color is your guide, when it turns its brightest, stop cooking and cool it down.

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